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If all goes well I will be able to follow all of Discovery's movements during its six day voyage, then it's back to work again.

The astronauts just started working again too, after a good nights' sleep, and they already encountered some minor problems:

[Houston]: Discovery this is Houston did you get the papers we uplinked you?
[Discovery]: No Houston, but ifyou say they're the same ones that are on board we don't need you to uplink them again.
[Houston]: Discovery it's just that when we uplinked them the file was too big to attach any summaries.
[Discovery]: Well, apparently you sent them to the network, but that's working under Windows NT and the printer is under Windows 98, so that's probably why one or two things aren't working... .
[Houston]: Ok Discovery copy that.
It's not word for word what they said, but that's what happened. Just now one of the astronauts is asking Houston to try and send the files again. And we, mere earthlings thought only we were obliged to work with crappy software. Ha!


http://www.spaceflightnow.com/shuttle/sts114/statustexton...: kind of a blog with the latest developements.

http://spaceflight.nasa.gov/realdata/tracking/: Nasa's applet showing realtime tracking of ISS ánd the Shuttle.

Godspeed to Discovery!

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Being treated like a terrorist?

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H/t and more over at Harry'sPlace.

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