I see ... I see ... the A-Team, the A-Team ...

If anyone can tell me what the font is called for the titles -- in the columns, not the ones above the posts -- don't hesitate to put it in the comments, I have put the same question forward on the Skynetblog forum as well.
By the way, permalinks can be found behind the little yellow squares with the dot in the middle (Are they yellow? Is there a dot? My eyes! My eyes!).

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The horror and the antidote

This should in fact be on the "more boring blog", but it's related to the chopped-up text under the title of this blog (see "Main purpose ...").
For those of you who are "shocked" (well oolahdiedah!) when reading that,  check this out, then think again.
(Lileks is one of my "daily reads", I'll blogroll his Bleat here as soon as possible. Enjoy the sun!)


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On a roll ... sun's up and shining in Flanders!

Hmmm, I'm starting to like it here. Looks nice huh? Does anyone pour the code into something like Dreamweaver or such? I seem to remember people talking about fiddling with the CSS-code ... .
Oh, concerning my other blog -- someone actually came down there to learn how to "get around geocities bandwidth". Well don't ask me, but in case the Yahoo-people don't like me anymore, I can still come here.
Hey, even the Insta has a back-up tool ...  .

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Does it work?

Groter, groter ... ?

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Hello and dag et bonjour à iedereen!


First post - again ... - on a new blog, always a bit exciting! This one is for the fun bits,the other one is meant to annoy people with my thoughts on Belgian and international politics.

Now let's see how this comes out ... .

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